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Date:      2001-08-13 19:49:00
Author:   Tom from Tottenville
Subject:  re: Attendance

It's a shame they built the stadium in an area that is really hard to drive to for most Staten Islanders. The location seems best for Manhattan residents and worst for the average Staten Island local. CSI was a great spot...minutes from the Interstate.

As for the stadium...yeah, it's not all that attractive. Why did the architect go with yellow bricks? The stadium is brand new...yet it looks like it was built during the '60s...probably by the same guy who designed Shea.

The skyboxes need a better facade too. They are downright ugly!

After you adjust to the spectacular start to look around and wonder on what part of the stadium was all the money was spent?

My guess is that the outfield fence, scoreboard and parking lot cost a fortune. The food is good though! ...and the seats are real comfortable.

Over time...I bet people would prefer the old site just cause it's such a hassle to get to the new stadium by car.

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